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Millennium Bridge – London

A bridge, is a bridge, is a bridge. Or is it? WOEFULOURIST is specifically referring to the Millennium Bridge in London. In order to help celebrate the new millennium, London built itself a modern footbridge that they call the Millennium … Continue reading

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Beefeaters – London

  WOEFULTOURIST never fully understood the relationship between the British monarchy and gin until he visited the Tower of London. What he discovered was that special retired military officers are specifically given the important task of guarding the monarchy’s secret stash … Continue reading

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Big Ben – London

Big Ben, London.   WOEFULTOURIST tends to be an obvious kind of guy. Not “obvious” in the , “Standing in a bucket of water while trying to fix your plugged in George Forman Grill is not a good idea” – … Continue reading

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London Used Booksellers

  While WOEFULTOURIST is loathe to study such things, let alone spend valuable ESPN viewing time even thinking about them in any detail, even he can’t ignore the fact that lots of people rely on the tourist dollar to pay … Continue reading

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The London Eye – London

    What do you do when a project you were working on  (which was designed to be of a short term duration and of which you had minimal expectations), exceeds your wildest dreams and essentially goes viral on you?! … Continue reading

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