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Pere LeChaise Cemetery – Paris

    WOEFULTOURIST knows what you’re thinking – “Why in the world is he writing a post about a cemetery?” A good question, indeed. After all, who in their right mind wants to visit a cemetery while on vacation! Apparently, … Continue reading

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The Great Canadian – Paris

While WOEFULTOURIST is pretty much set in his ways, nevertheless, there are times and circumstances which give him no choice but to adjust his long held opinion of things. Take for example, Diet Coke. For many years WOEFULTOURIST wouldn’t have … Continue reading

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Sacre Coeur Basilica – Paris

  WOEFULTOURIST was told that a “must see” while in Paris was the Sacre Coeur Basilica.  He is not sure exactly who gave him that bit of advice.  Nor exactly why it was a place that he absolutely had to … Continue reading

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London Used Booksellers

  While WOEFULTOURIST is loathe to study such things, let alone spend valuable ESPN viewing time even thinking about them in any detail, even he can’t ignore the fact that lots of people rely on the tourist dollar to pay … Continue reading

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Drinking In Europe

WOEFULTOURIST truly believes that when you visit Europe the hotel you are staying in should have to present you with a list of basic information, clearly spelled out in English, of the basic differences an American will face when visiting … Continue reading

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