Dobra Voda – Prague

Dobra Voda - Prague


Even though the subject of this post is centered on Prague, WOEFULTOURIST would like to take his readers back a number of years to a visit he made to the great State of Texas.  Where, after getting his beer supplies for the day, he decided, on a whim, to purchase a package of beef jerky that was conveniently located right next to the register.

As he got into the car and opened said package of jerky, he couldn’t help but notice their motto, mainly because it was boldly displayed on the front of the package.

It read, “It’s not a great snack, but it’s a good snack.”

Such truth in advertising caught WOEFULTOURIST completely by surprise and made him wonder if this was a new trend he would be seeing more of.  After all, does the public really want to know that the name brand cold medicine they just bought is no more effective than the store brand version selling at half the price?!

Unfortunately, WOEFULTOURIST was never to get an answer to that question as apparently the jerky ad campaign was not a trend, but simply an oddity.

He almost forgot about the entire episode, until he went to Prague (note the segue) where, in need of some water to quench his thirst (yes, on rare occasions WOEFULTOURIST will actually drink something that doesn’t even have a trace of alcohol in it) he went to a local mini mart.  He didn’t see any American brands so he picked up a local bottle of clear liquid with the Czech brand name, “Dobra Voda” and brought it up to the counter.  There he asked the young lady what it was.

She said, “Dobra Voda.”

Wanting to avoid falling into a classic Abbott and Costello trap, he rephrased the question. “Can you translate the name into English?’

To which she happily replied, “It means ‘good water.’”

WOEFULTOURIST made note of the fact that she had said “good water” not “great water”.  Then, suddenly the flood gates opened and visions of beef jerky began swimming in his head.

Maybe truth in advertising wasn’t dead. Maybe it left America but was thriving in Eastern Europe. Maybe in the Czech Republic honesty really was the best policy.

Maybe –

Or maybe not.

Maybe this was just like the jerky, only wetter.  After all, metaphorically speaking, time had changed, but had anything else?

Just as he had years ago, WOEFULTOURIST wondered, that when it comes to truth in advertising does the public really want the simple, boring, truth;  or do they want the hype. The glamour.  The pizzazz.

Do men want to know that if they have erectile dysfunction that they can take Cialis and it might help their problem?

Of do they want to believe that if they take Cialis they’ll not only get a hard-on that lasts for 3 hours, but will end up buck ass nekkid, along with their really hot partner, relaxing in matching claw foot bathtubs on a hillside overlooking the city?

WOEFULTOURIST has no answers – especially regarding the whole dueling bath tubs deal.

What he does know is that if you find yourself in Prague and in need of some good water don’t be afraid to spring for a bottle of Dobra Voda.

It definitely is, very much as advertised, some really “good water”!



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