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A Jersey rest area for trucks only. Passenger cars will be crushed by an 18 wheeler.


Having traveled the miles of byways and highways.

Having taken the  Bergen Line to the Jersey Coast Line then doubling back to hop on the Trenton train for no particular reason at all.

Having flown in and out of Newark Liberty International Airport.

WOEFULTOURIST can proudly state that the state of Jersey definitely loves the traveler.

And they make it so easy and convenient for them to get around, even without Alexa shouting at them to turn “now”.

For example, in the central part of the state, all you need to know is Route 18.

That is because the great road planners at the state decided that Route 18 should be the end all, do all, be all of roads.

Which is why at various parts of its existence, it is called Route 18 North, South, East, or West.

Only slightly less confusing than the Brunswicks (North, South, East, or New).

So to get where you want to go in central Jersey, just look for Rt. 18 and if you take it far enough and long enough, you’ll manage to hit all the major points on the compass.

As well as a whole lot of traffic.

But the Jersey road planners are working on that as we speak.

Because the only thing more certain than death and taxes, is that there will always be construction delays somewhere on the Garden State Parkway. 

Hey, if you want nice views and free flowing traffic then move to Montana.

You want tolls, now you’re talking Jersey.

Because when it comes to  spending millions to put toll booths where no one really wants them, then spending millions more to remove them, nobody does it better.

WOEFULTOURIST would be lax (and we all know how he hates to take that even if it does make him regular) if he didn’t point out that Jersey is also committed to commuter trains. 

After all, where else but Jersey would the Governor quash a much needed and overly priced train tunnel project to New Yort City, but keep the highway toll increases that were passed specifically to fund the tunnel project, in place.

It’s that kind of fiscal shell game which allows WOEFLTOURIST to take great pride, and afford total allegiance to his home state – please help him, God.

Lest truckers feel they are being left by the wayside, WOEFULTOURIST would like to point out that Jersey is the only state that he knows of, that provides, free of charge to the user (not the taxpayer) non-spacious, non-facility availbility, truck only rest areas.  That’s right, no cars need apply.

If you do, you’ll be ticketed, towed and shamed on social media to no end.

That’s because Jersey cares about your safety and money and does what it can to ensure that you have lots of the first, and little of the second.

Just another feather in the cap of Jersey politicians and planners who leave most stones

overturned (usually in the middle of the roadway), close traffic lanes the extra mile, and

show a total lack of real concern when train commuters are stuck for hours in un-air 

conditioned trains in mid summer because the drawbridge crossing the Hackensack River

got stuck in the open position again,; or  chunks of concrete fell from the tunnel ceiling

leading into Penn Station, NYC (see new tunnel project quashed by Governor, above).

It’s just the Jersey way of letting commuters, business people and visitors of all ages

know, that Jersey is where they want to travel to.

So do.

Because as Governor Kean so keenly noted, “Jersey and you – perfect together.”

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