Millennium Bridge – London

Millennium Bridge, on the Tate Modern side – London

A bridge, is a bridge, is a bridge.

Or is it?

WOEFULOURIST is specifically referring to the Millennium Bridge in London.

In order to help celebrate the new millennium, London built itself a modern footbridge that they call the Millennium Bridge.

Frankly, WOEFULTOURIST felt a more appropriate name would have been the New Millennium Bridge since it was built to ring in the “new” millennium and it was a “new’ bridge, but since his opinion was ignored by the powers that be, there’s no point in belaboring the issue.

So, back to the (New)Millennium Bridge.  It is an ultra modern, steel suspension bridge. Very sleek.  Very contemporary.  It stretches from the Tate Modern Art Museum on the Bank side of the Thames, to a point just below historic St. Paul’s on the City side.

Modern meets old.  Steel meets brick.  That radical juxtaposition of complete opposites which never completely works yet never prevents architects from continuing to try to pound that round peg into that square hole.

WOEFULTOURIST has nothing but admiration for those professionals who can continue to beat their heads against the wall and still not recognize the face in front of their nose.  Or the trees for the forest.  It’s that mule-like behavior that never ceases to amaze him.

Which is why WOEFULTOURIST applauds those wacky London planners and their willingness to think outside the box and place the contemporary and weird right next to the old and traditional.

Even more exciting was their totally radical idea of spending millions of dollars to build a pedestrian bridge that didn’t function very well as a pedestrian bridge. From the day it opened, it was a continuous threat to fall into the river if too many pedestrians walked on it at any given time.

Utterly brilliant!

Sheer genius!

After all, any hack architect or engineer can design and build a bridge that functions well as a bridge.  But how many can build bold designs and incorporate a basic lack of functionality into that same design!

Unfortunately, instead of letting this architectural social engineering project play itself out, some worry warts and politically correct types put a stop to things before the project barely got off the ground (pun intended).

So, the experiment of a bridge that felt like it could wobble until it all fell down was brought to an abrupt end.  An entire gaggle of boring architects and engineers were enlisted to make the bridge functional.  Which it is to this very day.

Unfortunately, such is often the case with visionaries.

Their genius gets muted.  Under the guise of conformity, conventional thinking and a general fear of massive lawsuits, progress is forced to take a back seat.

Nevertheless, WOEFULTOURIST has nothing but high hopes for those “outside the box”London planners.  Without a doubt, it is just a matter of time before the next London“mold breaking” project arrives to captivate the masses.

He can only speculate, with glee, as to what that might be.

“Lifts” that don’t lift?

People movers that don’t?

Or possibly modern warehouses that don’t have room to store anything at all!

The possibilities seem endless.

WOEFULTOURIST spends sleepless nights wondering what architectural marvels are to come, knowing deep in his heart that he will not be disappointed.

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