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December 05, 2017 Edition

Santa Claus Gets The Boot From Britain’s National Trust Because He’s Too American
By Ed Mazza

Britain’s National Trust has told Santa Claus to get back on his sleigh and get out of town, or at least out of the organization’s famous estates and homes.

He’s too American.

But the agency, which runs more than 300 historic buildings including homes, castles and forts, is keeping the jolly elf. They just want its events to use the proper British name of Father Christmas instead.

The Evening Standard said someone at the Trust accidentally emailed internal guidance on the matter to several members of the press.

“Can you change ‘Santa’ to ’Father Christmas?‘” the email said. “I know you’ve used ‘FC’ later on, but National Trust guidance is never to use Santa.”

Some U.K. media outlets called it a “Santa ban,” but the organization said that’s not the case at all.

“Contrary to any speculation, the National Trust is not looking to ban Santa, Saint Nick or Santa Claus,” The Telegraph quoted a spokesperson as saying. “We recognize the gift-giving, jolly man with the beard goes by many names all over the world, but we try to stick to one, and for many years that has been Father Christmas.”

Along with being more British, Father Christmas is also more in tune with the upper-class nature of the Trust’s properties.

Etiquette expert William Hanson told the Telegraph that it’s “lower class to call him Santa.”

Hanson added: “If you’re British or have Anglo-Saxon aspirations, then it’s Father Christmas and never Santa or Santa Claus.”

He said he was “buoyed” to see the Trust “speaking out and correcting this irritating and increasing Americanization of Christmas.”

While Santa is an Americanization, the origin of the name is actually from the Dutch term, Sinterklaas.

WOEFULTOURIST says, “Along with John Smith, and Bob Johnson, the name of Santa Claus is as American as plum pudding.”


McDonald’s to raze Chicago-area museum of 1st restaurant
Nov 21, 2017

OAK BROOK, Ill. (AP) — McDonald’s Corp. has announced it will demolish a suburban Chicago museum that’s a replica of the hamburger chain’s first restaurant.

Ray Kroc built his first restaurant in 1955 in Des Plaines, after franchising the brand from the original owners, Richard and Maurice McDonald.

The Chicago Tribune reports the store was torn down in 1984. McDonald’s Store No. 1 Museum opened the next year, with the original restaurant’s sign out front.

In a statement, McDonald’s says tourist numbers have declined due to repeated flooding of the site since 2008.

The company says the museum will be razed next month and the land donated to Des Plaines.

WOEFULTOURIST says, “Rumor has it that McBurglar tunneled into the museum to try and get his hands on a horde of McFish sandwiches when the pipe literally burst.”


This idyllic Swiss village wants to pay you more than £50,000 to move there
Annabel Fenwick Elliott,The Telegraph Tue, Nov 21 2017

If it’s ever been a distant dream of yours to wind up in a tiny and beautiful mountain village, consider this.

The Swiss town of Albinen, located in the scenic canton of Valais, wants to pay people 25,000 Swiss francs (£18,900) each to move there.

The council will soon be voting on the new initiative, which aims to repopulate a community that has dwindled to just 240 residents, reports The Local.

Under the scheme, each new adult resident will be paid the fee, with an additional 10,000 Swiss francs (£7,600) per child. For a family of four, that’s more than £53,000.

Most of the previous residents who have left the village have been families with children, according to Swiss news agency ATS, with the last three departures leading to the closure of Albinen’s school. It should be noted, however, that this was never exactly a thriving neighbourhood. Its highest ever number of inhabitants on record was 380, back in 1900.

WOEFULTOURIST says, “Wow, most places pay him to leave.”



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