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December 07, 2017 Edition

Vermont town laments looming cemetery plot shortage
The Associated Press, NOVEMBER 18, 2017

(HARTFORD, VT) Some people in a Vermont town are worried the community is going to run out of available cemetery plots.

Hartford residents have been considering new strategies to preserve existing cemeteries and make sure the community doesn’t run out of plots where people can rest for eternity.

Five of the 12 cemeteries located within town lines are owned by Hartford, while the others are managed by private associations, the Valley News reported. All of the town-owned cemeteries are closed to new burials.

Ann Collins, 80, of the Quechee Cemetery Association, said that with fewer plot sales, diminished interest earnings and flat town funding, her association has been forced to dip into its endowment to pay operating costs.

“As the older people have died off, the younger generation is not as interested in carrying on,” said Collins, whose parents are buried in one of the cemeteries the association owns.

The association’s budget includes $5,000 annually from the town, interest from an endowment of about $40,000, and $600 each time a burial plot is purchased.

Under Vermont law, if any cemetery association collapses, the town inherits the responsibility of maintaining that cemetery.

“I think it’s going to come to that point,” said Collins. “Eventually, any income is going to run out.”

Hartford Town Manager Leo Pullar said the accelerating plight of the private cemetery associations, and concern that the town will run out of burial space, has spurred new interest.

“I’m optimistic there,” Pullar said.

WOEFULTOURIST says, “The problem is people are just dying to get to Hartford.”


Inside South Korea’s bizarre penis-themed park ‘built to keep the spirit of a dead virgin happy’
ByRachael Burford, 20 NOV 2017

Visitors to Haesindang Park, near the coastal village of Sinnam, South Korea, can see almost 300 erect phallic statues all dedicated to the memory of a virgin bride-to-be who was left on a rock by her fisherman fiancé when he went off to work.

When a storm came in she is said to have drowned and ever since her spirit can only be pleased by the sight of male genitalia .

The sculpted sex organs come in all shapes and sizes, from dreamcatchers to a six foot penis cannon that rises and falls throughout the day.

One of the main draws is a toothy yawning statue that has a huge phallus protruding from his mouth (Image: Youtube/ Unusual World)

Guests can also feast their eyes on ten-foot-tall male member expertly carved out of wood or plonk themselves down on a concrete penis stool.

There are also an array of preserved real mammal’s genatalia, from whales, bears, cats, seals and even mice.

A gift shop sell everything from penis-shapped penne pasta to knitted willy-warmers.

It is not known exactly when the penises started to appear on the edge of the Korean fishing village, 40 minutes south of Samcheok.

WOEFULTOURIST says, “Members have their privileges.”


Tourist snaps photo of seal being chased from Irish fish shop
By Ben Hooper | Nov. 22, 2017

Nov. 22 (UPI) — A visitor to an Irish town captured a photo of local celebrity Sammy the Seal being chased out of a fish store after trying to steal a snack.

Derek Byrne tweeted a photo he snapped on a seaside road in Wicklow, Ireland, when he spotted a fish shop employee chasing a large seal across the street.

“Just witnessed this giant seal being chased out the door of a fishmongers shop in Wicklow town,” Byrne wrote.

Commenters informed Byrne that Sammy the Seal is a local celebrity in Wicklow and is famous for making near-daily treks across the road to attempt to steal from The Lighthouse, a fish store and seafood restaurant.

The store has employed several measures to ward off the thieving seal, including once chasing the animal with a large photo of U.S. President Donald Trump.

WOEFULTOURIST says, “Unfortunately, the seal is a Republican and the tactic only made the store more attractive.”


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