Tibetan Monks, Palace of Versailles - France

Welcome to WOEFULTOURIST, home of the contrarian travel experience.

To get a better sense of exactly what that means, I highly recommend that you read the Intro Post which will help you to understand the difference between a “normal” tourist and WOEFULTOURIST.

It should also be noted, that WOEFULTOURIST is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER!

There, I’ve said it!

I’ve gotten it off of my chest.

And for some reason I feel rather tingly inside.

What does that confession mean for you, the reader?

Among other things, that the style, feel, look and structure of each post, including the blatant use of malaprops, is by design.

If you don’t know what malaprops are and are too lazy to look the term up in the dictionary, then you are the exact target audience WOEFULTOURIST is looking for.

Now kick back, pop open the beverage of your choice and enjoy the WOEFULTOURIST experience.